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GDP is an award-winning provider of innovative, multi-disciplinary consultancy and learning solutions. We work with organisations around the world at every stage of their D&I journey. 

D&I Awareness

What is Diversity and Inclusion, and why do we need it in our workplace? 

Unconscious Bias

Blind spots, mindbugs, cognitive errors, confirmation bias, microinequities – all are terms associated with the latest neuroscience discoveries on the workings of the human brain.  

Inclusive Leadership

Equipping your leaders to champion diversity and inclusion to promote inclusive workplaces and fulfilment of D&I objectives.

Global Diversity Practice

Unlock the full potential of your people

We provide consultancy and learning solutions, with a global footprint and a track record of delivering transformational interventions for our clients.

Our work is focused on ensuring you attract, retain and develop the best talent and truly leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion for your business.

Our latest articles

Black Lives Matter.

Global Diversity Practice is an organisation committed to eliminating hatred, injustice and inequality. Our vision is a better world through unlocking the power of inclusion.

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Our Work

Unlocking Diversity, Accelerating Inclusion

We have extensive experience in designing and delivering a series of interventions that can accelerate inclusion whilst developing the competence and confidence of employees to create a fair, inclusive workplace. We have specific expertise across all diversity strands which is reflected in all our work including gender, ethnicity and race, nationality, cross culture, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, transgender, religion and belief, micro inequities.

Open Minds Learning

Our award-winning learning interventions designed to accelerate the progress of D&I change through our signature ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ methodology. Open Minds covers themes such as D&I Awareness, Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership, and is available in a variety of packages.

Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speakers help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion diversity and inclusion.

Executive Coaching

We combine recognized models of coaching with our extensive knowledge of D&I to help senior leaders deal with personal and corporate challenges in order to help them to drive change within their organisations effectively.


Our webinars help to demystify diversity and inclusion and increase awareness of unconscious bias and the role you play in addressing it.


Award-winning, bespoke, diversity and inclusion e-Learning toolkits and assessment development for your organisation.

D&I Consultancy

Our highly innovative D&I consultancy is tailored specifically for your company and focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce. Successfully implementing D&I initiatives requires not only support from senior leadership but a carefully crafted strategy that adheres to the overall business goals and visions of the company. At Global Diversity Practice we offer a number of different solutions that can help you achieve your D&I goals.

Our SpeciaLISM

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D&I Workshops & Seminars

Keynote Speaking

Unconscious Bias / Debiasing Review

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Women / Ethnicity Leadership Programs

Bullying & Harassment

Strategy Development / Action Plans

D&I Audits / Benchmarking


How we work

We understand the need to ‘get beneath your skin’, in order to open up blind-spots and ultimately deliver results, whatever stage of the D&I journey you’re at.

We ‘tell it as it is’, acting as a critical friend and a trusted partner in providing solutions to close the gap between your current reality and your aspirations. 

All of our work is grounded in expert knowledge of organisational development, talent, strategy and cultural change. We use that expertise to demonstrate the commercial case for D&I.

We pride ourselves on well-established and long-lasting relationships with our diverse clients, from a variety of sectors, who can attest to the measurable difference our solutions make. 

Global Expertise

Results Driven

Exceptional Quality

Inspirational Passion

One-stop solution

Transformational Learning

Our Founder & CEO

Farrah Qureshi

Winner of the 2017 Excellence in Diversity award and a finalist at the 2017 Asian Women of Achievement Awards, our CEO Farrah Qureshi leads a team of over 40 trainers and consultants across the globe.

This global team means clients receive a complete solution from identifying specific issues to designing and delivering a bespoke programme that optimises the human potential of your employees.

With a 25 year track record, Farrah is a pioneer in the development of effective diversity and inclusion strategies and methods. We pride ourselves on being evidence-led, values-driven thought and practice leaders in diversity and inclusion.

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