A better world through unlocking the power of inclusion

Through award-winning, innovative change programmes focused on diversity and inclusion, Global Diversity Practice has helped organisations in every industry sector and every corner of the globe to address issues that affect business performance and growth.

D&I Awareness.

What is Diversity and Inclusion, and why do we need it in our workplace?

Unconcious Bias.

Blind spots, mindbugs, cognitive errors, confirmation bias, microinequities – all are terms associated with the latest neuroscience discoveries on the workings of the human brain.

Inclusive Leadership.

Equipping your leaders to champion diversity and inclusion to promote inclusive workplaces and fulfilment of D&I objectives.

Global Diversity Practice.


Our programmes combine research, analysis, learning, communications, collaboration, mentoring and training to support businesses at every stage of their D&I journey.

Our global network of trainers, consultants and D&I specialists have a track record of delivering transformational interventions for our clients.

Our methodology

We engage people to impact organisations on all levels – the head, the heart and the hands.

Winner of the 2017 Excellence in Diversity award, our CEO Farrah Qureshi leads a team of over 40 trainers and consultants across the globe.

With a 25 year track record, Farrah is a pioneer in the development of effective diversity and inclusion strategies. We pride ourselves on being evidence-led, values-driven thought and practice leaders in diversity and inclusion.

Farrah Qureshi, CEO & Founder


A data-driven, analytical approach is essential to change mindsets and achieve organisational buy-in for programmes that carefully target the issues that are blocking success and creating a toxic culture.


We get to know your industry, your business and your teams in-depth to personalise our message and trigger an emotional response. Individuals recognise they have a part to play in transforming the values, policies and priorities to enable the organisation to thrive.


We chart a clear and measurable strategy that is easily actionable with your existing resource and competence. Teams feel empowered and able to deliver change.

Who we've helped

A truly global client base.

How we do it.

Our Learning & Consultancy Capabilities

Symptoms are not the problem. We help you to identify the causes and focus effort on solutions that deliver change.


Changing ingrained behaviour takes time. Our development programmes create the right balance between inspiration, learning, training, practice and mentoring.


Change requires a consistent, concerted effort. We help you and your organisation stay on track and achieve your goals.

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