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We are an award-winning provider of multi-disciplinary consultancy and learning solutions, with a global footprint and a track record of delivering transformational interventions through our network of trainers, consultans, researchers, learning designers and partners.

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We understand the need to ‘get beneath your skin’, in order to open up blind-spots and ultimately deliver results, whatever stage of the D&I journey you’re at.

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We ‘tell it as it is’, acting as a critical friend and a trusted partner in providing solutions to close the gap between your current reality and your aspirations. 

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All of our work is grounded in expert knowledge of organisational development, talent, strategy and cultural change. We use that expertise to demonstrate the commercial case for D&I.

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We pride ourselves on well-established and long-lasting relationships with our diverse clients, from a variety of sectors, who can attest to the measurable difference our solutions make. 


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Farrah Qureshi


Farrah is a globally recognised expert on diversity and inclusion. Farrah’s mission is to transform organisational culture and she works most effectively at board, CEO and leadership levels.

With over 25 years of experience, Farrah aligns her outputs to organisational transformation, leadership behaviours, cultural change and behavioural economics, always combined with a strategic business focused approach.

A pioneer in global diversity consulting, she has created effective programmes for clients in over 150 countries. A career highlight was leading the consultancy team that designed the diversity strategy that ensured that D&I were embedded at the heart of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Farrah’s work has been recognised with many awards and nominations from organisations such as Asian Women of Achievement, Northern Power Women, Santander and Walmart International. Farrah is listed on the Northern Power 100 Women and she was awarded the Bloomberg Excellence in Diversity Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

View Farrah’s full profile here.

Advocates, detractors…. and invisible saboteurs

Advocates, detractors…. and invisible saboteurs Why businesses should welcome their advocates and outspoken detractors – and fear their invisible saboteurs   One of the many collateral benefits of diverse and inclusive working cultures is that they foster...

How can research benefit diversity and inclusion initiatives?

Research is often the first step in an organisation’s journey to cultural transformation. Global players especially want to harness the power of new d&i initiatives and research is essential in ensuring they are adapted to different geographies and organisational...

Inclusion in the age of the glass box brand

The truth is, all businesses, irrespective of their age, sector and employee make up struggle with diversity and inclusion, and need help on their journey to ensure that the behaviours, biases and cultures that result in exclusions, discriminations and ‘we think’ are...

Everyone is a leader

There isn’t yet a Wikipedia page for inclusive leadership, though the presence of ad words in a browser search tells us that this is now very mainstream. Concepts around inclusive leadership are widespread. Arguably, they are becoming commoditised, repeatable....

Artificial inclusion: why tech needs to get D&I right

Over the past six months, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at two diversity in technology conferences, both of which were attended by several giants of the tech world (Microsoft, Google, Uber etc.) as well as start-ups and SMEs looking to benefit from the sharing of...

Gender pay gap – or gender pain gain?

How publishing gender pay gap data could be the best thing for your business. A few months ago I wrote an article for CEO Today on whether it is the law to be diverse and inclusive. I said the answer is ‘yes’ and increasingly so. Gender pay gap reporting is the...

What does it take to be an Agent of Change?

Being shortlisted for the Northern Power Women Agent of Change Award 2018 is an immense honour for GDP’s CEO, Farrah Qureshi. But what exactly does it take to be an agent of change? And what does it mean for businesses looking for advice on how to be more diverse and...

Leaders need to say “not on my watch” to sexual harassment

The revelations of sexual harassment in the celebrity workplace as well as at the highest levels of government and public institutions have brought this very important aspect of discrimination and inclusion centre stage. And not before time. This is an issue that is...

How does a global company ensure diversity and inclusion?

Operating in 170 countries with 380,000 employees, IBM recently won the 2017 ENEI award for global diversity sponsored by GDP. We caught up with Deborah Richards, IBM’s Diversity & Inclusion Leader UK & Ireland, and this is what she told us about how the...

How to create a global reward strategy to support diversity and inclusion

Farrah Qureshi quoted in “How to create a global reward strategy to support diversity and inclusion” by Louise Fordham. 

Global Expert in Diversity & Inclusion Shortlisted for Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of her contribution to supporting businesses in becoming more diverse and inclusive, Global Diversity Practice founder and CEO Farrah Qureshi has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Diversity Lifetime Achievement Award. Due to be announced on...

Did Apple’s Tim Cook change the CEO agenda for good?

Four weeks ago, Tim Cook sent an email to his employees explaining why he disagreed with President Trump’s statements following violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. He wrote: “What occurred in Charlottesville has no place in our country. Hate is a...


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