Anti-Racism in Practice Course

Learn how racism develops, how it manifests in the workplace and in society, and critically how you can demonstrate anti-racism and allyship through your words and actions.

We recognise race has been at the centre of conversations about social justice, and it’s more important than ever to understand the nuances of this topic, so that we can move from a place of avoidance to one of learning and growth. This course is designed to guide you through the history of racism and provide suggestions on how to demonstrate allyship through your words and actions in the workplace and throughout your own lives.

Our approach encourages learning through exploring, reflecting, and understanding. We do not seek to place blame or create guilt on any one community. Our intention is to empower you to approach this topic in a thoughtful way.

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This could be the course for you!

Individuals interested to learn more about how to become anti-racist…

People who are open to having difficult and honest conversations around race…

Anyone wanting to understand the experiences of other racial groups…

Aspiring allies and advocates for racial groups…

  • Understand what racism is and how it forms
  • Explore the global history of racism and its impact
  • Expand on your own relationship with race
  • Discover racial microaggressions and their impact on people
  • Tackle challenging topics like racial privilege and fragility
  • Learn how to demonstrate allyship and advocacy
  • Gain knowledge and insights through tips and takeaways

Each micro module includes:

  • Downloadable resources
  • Self-assessment or reflection exercises
  • Explainer videos from our expert consultants
  • Effective tips and takeaways
  • Access on any device
  • Certificate of completion
  • A curiosity to learn about race and racism
  • A willingness to have difficult, honest, and sometimes challenging conversations about race

What’s included?

  • Defining racism and anti-racism
  • The journey to anti-racism
  • Myth buster activity
  • Moments to reflect
  • The global history of racism
  • The global impact of racism
  • Our relationship with race
  • Personal stories told through videos
  • Racial microaggressions
  • How to become anti-racist
  • Allyship model
  • Examples of active upstanders
  • What can you do next?
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