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  • 4th April, 2019

Is your gender pay gap stagnating?

With the deadline for reporting gender pay gap right now, almost every UK organisation with more than 250 employees will have already calculated their gender pay for the past 12 months. No change may feel like a win, especially if you’re aware that some businesses are posting figures that are up on last year. But [...]
  • 18th March, 2019

Your company’s gender pay gap is increasing – what next?

For the second year, organisations with more that 250 employees are expected to publish their UK gender pay gap data by 4th April 2019. We know this is a big issue for larger employers. Even businesses who have a positive story to tell have reservations about revealing their data. So, what if your organisation is [...]
  • 30th January, 2019

Advocates, detractors…. and invisible saboteurs

Advocates, detractors…. and invisible saboteurs Why businesses should welcome their advocates and outspoken detractors – and fear their invisible saboteurs One of the many collateral benefits of diverse and inclusive working cultures is that they foster advocacy. This is because employees who feel engaged and empowered at work will generally be positive about their employer. [...]
  • 27th November, 2018

How to plan diversity & inclusion programmes in large organisations

To what extent can large global businesses operating across culturally diverse regions design a single global plan to increase diversity and inclusion? Global Diversity Practice consultant Kamaljit Poonia, a specialist in diversity and inclusion for over 15 years and previously an advisor to the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Cabinet Office, outlines some [...]
  • 20th November, 2018

GDP brings Virtual Reality Diversity & Inclusion eLearning Platforms to UK through FWI Partnership

The Global Diversity Practice (GDP) and US-based FutureWork Institute (FWI) have agreed a transatlantic partnership that means UK businesses will now be able to access its suite of five virtual e-learning platforms. The partnership will see the two organisations combining their global consulting reach to over 100 consultants on five continents in order to provide […]

  • 18th July, 2018

How can research benefit diversity and inclusion initiatives?

Research is often the first step in an organisation’s journey to cultural transformation. Global players especially want to harness the power of new d&i initiatives and research is essential in ensuring they are adapted to different geographies and organisational challenges. The question is: how? GDP Head of Consultancy Theresa Stearn specialises in the creation of […]

  • 5th July, 2018

Inclusion in the age of the glass box brand

The truth is, all businesses, irrespective of their age, sector and employee make up struggle with diversity and inclusion, and need help on their journey to ensure that the behaviours, biases and cultures that result in exclusions, discriminations and ‘we think’ are eliminated. It is easy to get exasperated by the fact that industries led […]

  • 18th June, 2018

Everyone is a leader

There isn’t yet a Wikipedia page for inclusive leadership, though the presence of ad words in a browser search tells us that this is now very mainstream. Concepts around inclusive leadership are widespread. Arguably, they are becoming commoditised, repeatable. Commonplace. The Wikipedia page is therefore really only a matter of time. This was very much […]

  • 13th June, 2018

Artificial inclusion: why tech needs to get D&I right

Over the past six months, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at two diversity in technology conferences, both of which were attended by several giants of the tech world (Microsoft, Google, Uber etc.) as well as start-ups and SMEs looking to benefit from the sharing of best practice. In both events I observed a clear […]