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  • 27th September, 2017

Did Apple’s Tim Cook change the CEO agenda for good?

Four weeks ago, Tim Cook sent an email to his employees explaining why he disagreed with President Trump’s statements following violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. He wrote: “What occurred in Charlottesville has no place in our country. Hate is a cancer and left unchecked it destroys everything in its path. It’s scars last generations.” At […]

  • 20th September, 2017

Why Unconscious Bias? Upcoming workshop at MSDUK

Most of us believe that we are unbiased.  We believe that we always make valid and carefully considered decisions that benefit all, don’t have prejudice opinions and that we remain ethical in all our actions. However, even the most open-minded person has unconscious bias and is affected by social factors such as their upbringing, background and […]

  • 11th August, 2017

Is it the law to be diverse and inclusive as a business owner?

In June 2017, 175 CEOs in the US joined forces in a new alliance: CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. Featuring many of the world’s largest organisations – and businesses such as Walmart, that I have personally worked with – this new alliance is the largest statement to date that global business is now serious […]

  • 11th August, 2017

Is media land ready for diversity?

Creative and advertising businesses are turning to diversity and inclusion as the next step in their business journey. Some companies are already planning change. At GDP, we have recently had an interest in D&I workshops and seminars from advertising, media, and publishing groups. We have also advised many leading brands on how to ensure they […]

  • 3rd August, 2017

Why do inclusive leaders know their employees’ hobbies and interests?

Inclusive work cultures engage the whole employee to get the most of their potential contribution. Time and again, organisations see that the best business solutions come from diverse teams working effectively together. But true diversity means engaging the whole person, not just a part. I once worked on a project in Asia to identify solutions […]

  • 3rd August, 2017

What should the BBC do next?

The shocking and fascinating revelation of the astronomical salaries commanded by some of the BBC’s ‘top talent’, as well as the predominance of white and male presenters among the top 20 earners has perhaps eclipsed the reality that in barely six months, companies across the UK will be expected to publish their own pay gap […]

  • 27th February, 2017

Diversity & Inclusion: Why bother?

The five most common “yes, but…” barriers to making organisations more inclusive:   #1. Why bother? What difference will it make? We all want to get the best out of our people. Doing so means embracing the differences that individuals bring to the workforce. It means enabling each person to give of their best, and to […]

  • 17th February, 2015

Minority Supplier Networks

This year, GDP became officially certified as a women owned business by WEConnect Europe, and a minority owned business by MSDUK. Whilst there is no legal requirement for private businesses to diversify their supply base, public sector organisations have to meet statutory equality duties, and networks such as WEConnect and MSDUK provide a platform for […]