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Brambles Limited is the ultimate holding company of the Brambles Group. Brambles is a supply-chain logistics group specializing in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services. The company focuses on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers. Brambles employ more than 13,500 people and own approximately 450 million pallets, crates and containers through a network of 850 service centres in over 50 countries around the world.

Brambles commissioned Global Diversity Practice to deliver a series of webinars for leaders and individual contributors across their key geographies on ‘Creating an Inclusive Culture’. The 1 hour webinar had the overall aim of creating awareness around Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). The primary objectives were:

  • Delegates understand how their actions and behaviours can help Brambles develop an Inclusive Culture.
  • Delegates are better able to interact with diverse teams and achieve better cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Delegates understand how inclusive leadership achieves productivity improvements and cost-savings.
  • Raise awareness of Unconscious Bias and the impact it has on decision making, and encourage diversity of thought.

Creating an Inclusive Culture


  • Analysis of Brambles D&I Collateral (policies, procedures and data)
  • Design of Concept Webinar
  • Pilot and cascade delivery of webinars (6 sessions)
  • Handover of materials and trainer pack, and coaching of D&I Leads to cascade webinar


The webinars have been well received by participants. Evaluation measures have indicated:

  • 34.3% increase in participants understanding the meaning of Inclusion and Diversity
  • 24.1% increase in participants understanding their Unconscious Biases
  • 19.8% increase in positive response to “Do you want to influence others to promote Inclusion and Diversity within the company?”
  • 39.8% increase in positive response to “Do you know what you can do to help the company develop a more inclusive culture?”

Brambles have also expanded on the interest by introducing I&D learning tools to their intranet to allow participants to continue their learning, and encourage individual action planning and accountability.

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