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Halma is a leading safety, health and environmental technology group with businesses in 23 countries and major operations in Europe, USA and Asia.

In 2014, GDP was commissioned by Halma to audit their D&I progress, and design and deliver Open Minds D&I Awareness training for executives and senior leaders. The aims were:

  • To engage with Halma employees to establish key D&I issues and customize learning solutions to Halma’s context.
  • Generate Senior Leader endorsement, engagement and sponsorship of the D&I agenda.
  • Increase awareness of the role and importance of bias in decision-making.
  • Promote Inclusive Leadership at Halma.
  • Develop understanding of D&I issues and awareness throughout the organization.
  • Evaluate progress, celebrate D&I success and provide an ongoing mechanism to sustain momentum of D&I actions at Halma.

D&I Awareness Program


GDP began by familiarising with the Halma D&I context through reviewing data such as policies, procedures and strategies, as well as preparing and conducting 1-2-1 stakeholder interviews. GDP also conducted targeted focus groups with a sample of Halma employees to develop a wider picture of current progress and perceptions of D&I within the company.

We then administered Unconscious Bias testing on all Halma Executives as well as over 50 Senior Leaders, MDs and Vice-Presidents of companies within the Halma group. We supplied individual and anonymous unconscious bias results to each participant (using the Implicitly Unconscious Bias suite), as well as compiling a group snapshot to share with the Executive Team and Senior Leaders during our delivery of the Open Minds workshop.

The aims for the Executive Workshop were to address Unconscious Bias, raise D&I Awareness and promote Inclusive Leadership and Gender Equity at Halma and to achieve these we utilised a combination of theory, reflection, activities and presentation. The workshop included perceptual illusions, videos and scenarios in order to stimulate discussion and debate, as well as providing Bias Reduction tools, tips and techniques.

GDP were also commissioned to deliver a keynote speech for Halma’s bi-annual HITE conference, attended by over 250 senior leaders from the Halma group. The objectives of the conference were to:

  • Mobilise and motivate Halma leaders to develop an understanding and awareness of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Demystify D&I in a business context, be introduced to D&I business best practice and how it leads to innovation.
  • Become aware of Unconscious Bias, the impact it has on decision-making, and encourage diversity of thought.
  • Enhance the competence, capability and confidence of Halma leaders to be effective role models for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Identify personal / corporate leadership actions to help Halma achieve a position of excellence in D&I


Group MDs and Sector Vice Presidents are now cascading the messages of Diversity and Inclusion within their respective companies, championed by the Executive Board and Sector Chief Executives. Diversity and Inclusivity has been successfully linked to Innovation and Results. D&I accountability is being promoted at all levels, and strategies are being developed to implement Inclusive policies and practises especially around Emerging Markets and an International Mindset, Multi-generations, Gender and Unconscious Bias.

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