Case Studies


The HR team at the Kellogg’s Company commissioned GDP to deliver three different interventions. This included a ‘Dignity at Work’ programme in Manchester, Wrexham and Dublin, a HR programme on diversity in the workplace and Diversity Drives Growth developed for European leadership.

Diversity Drives Growth focused on the business case for diversity to empower the leadership team to drive the diversity agenda forward. Key business case topics covered included attracting diverse customers, minority spending power, and the shrinking talent pool. A bespoke programme focused on the legal, ethical and business case for diversity.

Commenting on the training, the Director of European Marketing & Sales said, “Farrah, we were at zero level when you began to work with us but your interventions, robust business consultancy and coaching has ensured that we have through leveraging D&I delivered on our aspirations to achieve a 20% increase in our snack business as well as progress our D&I journey in an informed and realistic way.”

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