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London Underground

The London Underground Limited (LUL – also known as the Tube) is a public rapid transit system serving a large part of Greater London and parts of the counties of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

GDP was commissioned by LUL to develop the ‘Managing Diversity Competence’ Project. Initially the contract was to deliver a Pilot Equalities Programme for the Service Control Managers within LUL. The client was the Equality Champion of LUL and the senior leadership of the business.

D&I Change Management Competency Framework


We targeted Service Control managers recognising their influence and their particular challenges in relation to D&I team leadership. After familiarising ourselves with the unique context we were working within and by taking learning from the a rigorous review of D&I landscape GDP were able to identify key touch points and hotspots for leaders. Training and coaching intervention was designed and piloted. The success of this initiative included a direct challenge to step up and champion D&I to the leadership teams of LUL. All 52 leaders including the CEO attended subsequent training and also took part in a similar coaching process.

  • Developed a “Diversity and Change Management Competency Framework”
  • Designed a 360 degree D&I Questionnaire
  • Undertake a Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis
  • Designed a Bespoke Training Course
  • Coached each Service Control Manager and conducted a full evaluation to level three of the Kirkpatrick model
  • Designed and delivered Executive D&I leadership training and coaching
  • The package was remodelled and delivered to a further 8,000 employees of LUL


The Managing Diversity Competence course was the winner of the 2006 Opportunity Now Award in recognition of the significant impact it had had on progress of D&I within the company. Development of female train drivers and realisation of both soft and hard metrics and KPIs set at the onset delivered a more diverse leadership team, unblocked the talent pipeline and impacted on increased customer satisfaction particularly from diverse customer base LUL serves.

Client:London Underground
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