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Metro Bank

Metro Bank is a retail and commercial bank operating in the UK that launched in 2010; the first new high-street bank in the UK in over 100 years.

In 2022, Metro Bank commissioned Global Diversity Practice to create an eLearning module to coincide with the launch of their D&I 2026 Bold Ambition, which includes 3 key pillars brought together by Belonging. They wanted to promote and educate colleagues on living and breathing Inclusion at Metro Bank.


The project started with a brief diagnostic, consisting of a scoping meeting with key project stakeholders to detail the learning objectives and specific design principles. This accelerated our ability to move into the design of the storyboard.  We worked closely and collaboratively with Metro Bank stakeholders to gather relevant content, including the 2026 Bold Ambition as well as Metro Bank’s ‘AMAZEING’ values, and integrate them throughout the module.

The module was split into 4 sections that could be completed modular or consecutively. These sections included:

  1. Embracing our inclusive culture
  2. Being the best version of yourself
  3. Equity for all
  4. Living and breathing inclusion

Each section contains content that combines our learning methodology of head, heart and hands by offering interactive activities, models that explain key concepts in simple terms, and easy to remember takeaway actions.

At the end of the module the learner has the opportunity to print or save their downloadable summary of key learning points as well as their responses to the self-reflection exercise and personalised action plan which they have created throughout the module. Learners were encouraged to share their action plan with their managers and colleagues as part of team meetings and 1-2-1 discussions.


The eLearning was successfully launched to all Metro Bank colleagues during Inclusion Week 2022, alongside the launch of the new D&I 2026 Bold Ambition.

Metro Bank’s efforts to improve colleague experience and inclusion are resonating across its workforce and it has been recognised in 2022 as a Most-Loved Workplace as well as a top high street bank for customer service.

Simi Dubb, Director of Colleague Experience and Inclusion says: “Due to our colleague and customer proposition, we have been able to attract talent in the market. With that context, our colleague experience suggests that colleagues are engaged and committed to the success of Metro Bank. We are eight points above the global benchmark for ‘I would recommend Metro Bank as a great place to work’.”

Client:Metro Bank
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