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Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with strong operations in more than 100 countries and sales in 180.

In 2012 Unilever Mexico began to consider how to launch their corporate Diversity Initiative. Our client was keen to incentivise the leadership population to understand both the business, ethical and commercial case for their involvement and to promote Inclusive Leadership.

GDP were invited to assist Unilever Mexico to accelerate their D&I aspirations by further developing increased leadership engagement with the D&I agenda and ownership of implementation of both Unilever global and local objectives.

Inclusive Leadership, Executive Coaching, Unilever Women’s Network


GDP was procured for multiple deliverables which consisted of a number of complementary upskilling events. all designed to accelerate the effort and pace of D&I firmly on the radar screen. We designed and delivered bespoke interventions connecting with CEO and Executive team prior to the event to ascertain their particular needs and understand their level of competence.

A unique template was designed for conducting D&I as well as unconscious bias listening groups. This provided both sensitization to the local issues but also created an environment of openness and honesty which ensured we were able to access local and company issues to design a bespoke solution.

We coached and trained local L&D teams and facilitators to conduct the listening groups with colleagues. Farrah conducted all the Board interviews with the CEO and his team to understand their mandates were to deliver Unilever Global 3+1 Gender equity goals.

We delivered D&I/UB Board training to the CEO and his team. Our pre-work ensured both endorsement and sponsorship of the programme that was then cascaded to the rest of the business. This event provided engagement and accelerated leadership effort with the CEO taking leadership and promoting accountability of the D&I diversity effort and of his direct reports. Farrah provided 1-2-1 executive coaching on leading diversity efforts directly to the CEO.

We also interfaced with Product design teams, Plant Operations managers and Marketing division to understand branding and customer issues that were relevant to building a robust and relevant business case.

Additional to this intervention was the opportunity to design the launch event for the Unilever Women’s network event and conference. Farrah Qureshi was the keynote speaker and the panel chair. We engaged with senior women prior to the event then put together a high impact conference, presenting knowledge, inputs and practical case studies on developing a gender bilingual workplace. The thrust of the conference was to learn how to tap into the potential of their female talent, get closer to the female consumer, eradicate internal and external barriers and eliminate bias.

During the project we delivered a number of D&I/UB conferences to employees from across Mexico.

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