Elaine Champion




An ex-corporate girl turned entrepreneur! I’m a coach, facilitator, mum and mentor who specialises in helping women play to their full potential.

I’ve been in the corporate world for over 20 years. Spanning across communications, training, leadership development and Diversity & Inclusion. For the most part, I loved it but I always felt constrained and like something was missing. There was always a niggle that I was meant for something bigger. And by bigger, I mean doing work that is more personal and impactful.

In the corporate world, I always ran a side hustle – starting women networks and running coaching and mentoring programmes. I loved interacting with women on a deeper level and hearing about their hopes, dreams and fears – many the same as mine.

But I started to hear a repeating narrative, one that pained me. I was surrounded by brilliant women who couldn’t quite see their own brilliance! Women who were full of reasons why they weren’t applying for that dream job, starting that business, or pursuing that passion that they loved so much.

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