Farah Hussain




Farah Hussain is a diversity and inclusion consultant who specialises in
inclusive leadership training and coaching senior teams. With her
engaging style, she helps organisations inspire change and create an
environment where everyone feels heard and able to bring their full selves
to work.

Farah Hussain has over 30 years’ experience as a coach and trainer and a
background in learning and development (L&D) and has extensive
experience supporting a wide range of organisations to achieve their DEI

Farah is also an experienced coach, having worked with CEOs and senior
teams to enhance skills in communication, presentation, decision-making,
motivation, productivity and personal effectiveness. Farah is an expert at
helping leaders gain a deeper awareness of themselves enabling them to
leverage their behaviours to optimise sustainable success. She is an
experienced and results driven facilitator delivering team effectiveness,
cultural adaptability and leadership programmes.

Farah is passionate about belonging and creating a sense of
empowerment for individuals, leaders and organisations. She also holds a
degree in Social Equality.

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