GDP brings Virtual Reality Diversity & Inclusion eLearning Platforms to UK through FWI Partnership

The Global Diversity Practice (GDP) and US-based FutureWork Institute (FWI) have agreed a transatlantic partnership that means UK businesses will now be able to access its suite of five virtual e-learning platforms.

The partnership will see the two organisations combining their global consulting reach to over 100 consultants on five continents in order to provide expertise, experience and on the ground diversity and inclusion consultancy in almost any location across the world. It also broadens FWI’s access to UK customers, by working with GDP experts who understand the regional and cultural challenges unique to the UK, which is of critical importance when looking at the topics of diversity and inclusion.

GDP and FWI are both women-owned and founded businesses, with over 25 years of experience dedicated to strengthening businesses by creating more diverse and inclusive cultures and workspaces.

The five e-learning platforms are immersive virtual reality environments that can be used both individually and by teams located anywhere, allowing hundreds of employees to participate at the same time, taking part in discussions and accessing videos and learning tools.

They are designed to make it easy for organisations with many locations, or that operate virtually or globally, to encourage more inclusive and respectful behaviours among their employees everywhere. The technologies were developed by FWI and have already been in use in the US by major corporations including Microsoft, Sodexo and Boeringer Ingelheim.

A unique feature of the virtual reality platforms is that users can choose an avatar with a different gender, ethnicity and identity so that they can literally ‘step in another person’s shoes’ and directly experience the impact on their interactions with team mates in the virtual space.

“So many businesses and sectors are now awake to how a more diverse, inclusive culture can unlock exceptional business performance,” said GDP founder Farrah Qureshi. “Great people and technology are essential drivers for change, which is why GDP’s partnership with FWI brings so many opportunities.

“As businesses become more virtual and global in their reach, with employees based everywhere and sometimes in very remote locations, e-learning becomes an ever more powerful tool in bringing about culture change.”

“This is why this partnership is so important. It helps to extend our combined network of highly experience consultants to over 100 people in key locations across the globe, and also allows businesses in the UK to access and benefit from FWI’s exceptional e-learning virtual reality platforms for their employees, anywhere across the globe.”

“Working together, GDP and FWI can leverage their unique strengths and resources to help transform even more organisations around the world, creating better workspaces where people can thrive and be the best version of themselves.”

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