Global Expert in Diversity & Inclusion Shortlisted for Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of her contribution to supporting businesses in becoming more diverse and inclusive, Global Diversity Practice founder and CEO Farrah Qureshi has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Diversity Lifetime Achievement Award.

Due to be announced on November 30th, the Excellence in Diversity Awards celebrate individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of others in their communities and workplaces, uniting workforces, challenging discrimination and fighting against inequality.

Farrah Qureshi’s nomination highlights the enormous impact she has delivered over 25 years by increasing diversity and inclusion in some of the world’s largest private and public sector organisations including leading brands such as Wal-Mart, Coca Cola Enterprises, Nike, Aviva and Unilever.

Supported by a small and close-knit team in Bradford, Farrah has demonstrated that it is possible for a small business run out of the North of England to deliver incredible global impact that results in genuine change. Over the past nine years, she has delivered consultancy, training and bespoke programmes to over 70 corporates in over 150 countries, sometimes working on projects and in locations that many other consultancies do not consider because of the risks.

This year alone, in addition to client projects that have taken her to four continents, Farrah was named on the Northern Power Women top 50 list and was shortlisted for entrepreneur of the year at the Asian Women of Achievement awards. She has been a keynote speaker at the Tate Inclusive conference for senior leaders in art and culture, led a session on unconscious bias at the MSDUK 2017 conference on diversity in supplier relationships and also at an international senior leadership summit in Bologna. She will be the keynote speaker, addressing the CEO Summit in Mexico City in October.

Paul Sesay, CEO of the Excellence in Diversity Awards, said, “In difficult and challenging times, using the talent of a diverse workforce is more important than ever. Considering the diversity of your workforce and fostering an inclusive working environment can bring business benefits and provide a market advantage. The Excellence in Diversity Awards continue to be an exceptional way to celebrate the courageous actions of individuals and organisations who are already striving for inclusion. Let’s celebrate the tremendous feats of our incredible shortlisted nominees. Congratulations to all!”

Farrah Qureshi is honoured to have been shortlisted for the Lifetime Achievement Award, and sees this as recognition of the vital importance of working with corporates to increase diversity and inclusion. Farrah said:

“I believe that business has the power to change the world. Some companies today are bigger in size and influence than many countries. Through their actions and words, senior leaders have the power to change the views and behaviour of thousands of employees, as well as suppliers and even customers. Yet this change can be a huge undertaking. I never underestimate how daunting it can be in certain sectors and in several parts of the world for CEOs and senior leaders to start talking to their workforce about values like equality, trust and fairness. They need help to challenge ingrained behaviours effectively. That’s my mission: to take the diversity and inclusion best practice to the ends of the world if need be in order to help businesses to change.”

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