Inclusion Awareness

5 micro modules to help you raise your awareness of foundational topics surrounding inclusion.

In this series of 5 micro modules you will explore some of the most critical topics that are being discussed in boardrooms and classrooms around the world today.

This foundational course is perfect for those taking their initial steps in diversity, equity and inclusion.

By the end of the course, you will have gained an understanding of key inclusion concepts, and the vocabulary required to speak about these topics in the workplace, in a thoughtful and sensitive way.

  • Understand what diversity, equity and inclusion mean
  • Explore concepts like belonging, psychological safety and wellbeing in the context of the workplace
  • Discover how unconscious bias affects our thinking and decision-making
  • Tackle challenging topics like privilege
  • Learn how to demonstrate allyship
  • Gain knowledge of the simple steps you can take in your everyday role to demonstrate inclusion

Each micro module includes:

    • A self-assessment or reflection tools
    • Downloadable resources
    • Tips and takeaways
    • Certificate of completion
  • An open mind to challenge your thinking with new concepts
  • A willingness to learn
  • A desire to improve your approach to inclusion

This course is for...

An individual contributor wanting to understand what you can do to demonstrate inclusion in your everyday practices…

A people manager looking to improve your approach to team inclusion…

A hiring manager wanting to reduce the impact of bias on your decision-making…

An advocate looking for guidance on how to be an ally…

A volunteer tasked with progressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace…

Anyone interested in learning more about diversity, equity and inclusion…

What’s included?

  • Warm welcome
  • Self-assessment
  • Feelings of inclusion and exclusion
  • Definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Visible and invisible differences
  • Individual needs and unseen advantages
  • Top tips and takeaways
  • Reflection and action planning
  • Warm welcome
  • Self-assessment
  • Elements of Psychology safety
  • Workplace scenarios
  • High-performing teams
  • Top tips and takeaways
  • Reflection and action planning
  • Warm welcome
  • Self-assessment
  • Comfort, connection and contribution
  • Top tips and takeaways
  • Reflection and action planning
  • Warm welcome
  • Self-assessment
  • First impressions
  • How Unconscious Bias works
  • Definitions
  • Bias reduction tips
  • Top tips and takeaways
  • Reflection and action planning
  • Warm welcome
  • Self-assessment
  • Understanding your own privilege
  • Definitions of privilege and allyship
  • Anatomy of an ally
  • Allyship ‘ABC’ model
  • Top tips and takeaways
  • Reflection and action planning
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Meet your instructor: Farrah Qureshi

Farrah Qureshi, CEO and Founder of Global Diversity Practice, is recognized as one of the foremost experts, thinkers and practitioners on global diversity and inclusion consultancy and training. After an illustrious career spanning academia, local and national government, global consulting and as a successful business leader, Farrah founded Global Diversity Practice.

Farrah synthesizes 28 years of experience to pioneer global learning and consultancy solutions to combat Western-centric approaches that were not relevant for global audiences, geographies and marketplaces. Her footprint extends to clients and participants from 160+ countries, comprised of many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, who are provided with clear pathways to achieve best in class solutions with measurable outcomes.

Farrah aligns her outputs to Organisational Transformation, Leadership Behaviours, Culture Change and Behavioural Economics, combining each with a strategic business focus. She specializes in building the capacity and confidence of Boards and C-Suite. Farrah is a regular keynote speaker and inspires global audiences across a range of sectors. Her unique style of powerful messages with inspirational and personal storytelling help her to galvanize others in fully embracing and optimizing the inclusion imperative.


We have been using GDP for many of our unconscious bias training sessions for consultants from across the globe at all levels of our firm. Farrah has had a memorable impact on everyone she’s interacted with, not only because of the content knowledge she shares, but more importantly through the personal connection she’s able to make in her delivery.

Renee Bell – Director, Training & Development, Russell Reynolds Associates