The past 18 months have been very busy for Global Diversity Practice. 

Inequality and injustice have been rife in several parts of the world and stories of hate and prejudice have dominated the news.

This has heightened the existing focus on diversity and inclusion policies within workplaces, as organisations look to support teams and promote equity. 

In 2019, we were already expanding our team to respond to a fast-growing client base. Just like everyone else, we had no idea that the impending threat of COVID-19 was looming nor of the impact, it would have on business and the world. 

Then in May 2020, the murder of George Floyd sent shockwaves across the globe and prompted worldwide protests against racism and racial injustice.

Businesses wanted to support their ethnic minority employees, customers, and communities. And they needed help.

Our blog was an immediate response to this momentous event and reiterated our stance in support of marginalised communities. 

Despite COVID-19 – perhaps also because of it – businesses are recognising that diversity and inclusion policies, procedures, and behaviours are needed now more than ever.

So Global Diversity Practice is adapting and we are taking our approach online so that we can continue to support our customers and their people.

Our fantastic team is developing new digital products to enable customers to continue to access our high-quality diversity and inclusion solutions virtually, anywhere in the world.

Our state-of-the-art eLearning, webinars, guides, templates, and toolkits are full of actionable, up-to-date content that is easily accessible to a global audience. 

You can make a difference

Much like our in-person training and consultancy, Global Diversity Practice’s digital solutions revolve around our tried and tested methodology of ‘head, heart and hands’. We are using real data and analytics to change mindsets and understand how to promote an inclusive culture. 

We get to know businesses and industries personally and we teach individuals that they really can make a difference in their workplace. We map out measurable strategies using an organisation’s existing resources and capabilities to boost diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Through the pandemic, we served new clients and tackled diversity and inclusion in new areas around communications, marketing, and reputation. The feedback we received demonstrated that we could deliver the same level of service through our innovative digital products. 

It represents how our focus is now firmly on making the future brighter for everyone, whatever your identity. 

So many organisations are committed to change and need support and guidance to do so effectively. It is still a difficult time for many.

Global Diversity Practice remains dedicated to providing organisations with the tools and knowledge to create a healthy, thriving culture with diversity and inclusion at its heart.