Mirka Molnar




Mirka is experienced trainer and lecturer specialising on diversity, equity and inclusion issues in Central Eastern Europe. She works independently, hired for projects with the largest local employers in business and public sector in Slovakia. She has been assisting players like IKEA, Tesco, Metro/Makro or Volkswagen in developing their DEI strategies. She also works with Slovak municipalities on their foreigners integration programs.

Mirka has co-authored two books, „Slovakia: In_different. As Told By Foreigners“ and „I am Listening to You- Guide to Respectful Debates“. She is also an author of Diversopy®game/training tool about Slovakia and she co-authored Diversopy®“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion“.

She has experience in fundraising and European project management. She worked in European contact points for Europe for Citizens and Culture programe as a consultant and head of the office.

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