Ng Phek Yen




I help leaders and teams to unleash their potential to solve their most challenging issues. My major focus is on leadership coaching, diversity, equity & inclusion in Asia, cultural transformation and multigenerational team performance (relational intelligence).

I started my career as a CPA. By nature, I love observing patterns! Particularly I like to connect stories behind the numbers to human behaviors. I believe all economic activities in corporate world are reflection of a form of psychology, & organization (financial) results serve as the mirror!

I have more than 18 years of leadership experience. I was the Finance Director cum Qualified Accountant for China Mobile listed company in HKSE and NYSE and was the first and only expatriate for the Group which consists of more than 300,000-strong CMCC during that period. By experience, I’m passionate in helping leaders to develop their global leadership competences, embracing on the diversity and build inclusive culture where people feel safe to contribute and being themselves.

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