Digital Solutions for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Impactful content to create a measurable shift in awareness and interventions through digital channels.

Award-winning eLearning modules, toolkits and resources to raise awareness of contemporary DE&I topics.

We have developed state-of-the-art digital tools, backed by industry standard software, to create learning that can be effectively cascaded around the world in multiple languages.

All our learning is backed by our signature Head, Heart and Hands methodology, to ensure every participant gains the skills they need to practice inclusion in their daily roles.

Digital Solutions


We have pioneered successful methods of cascading our learning content through easily digestible, self-directed formats such as eLearning modules, toolkits and intranet pages, which allow people to learn on their own terms, going into as much depth as they would like.

eLearning modules

Our bespoke and off the shelf modules cover a wide range of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion concepts. Our eLearning modules have been rolled out in over 120 counties to reach employees globally, while staying relevant to their practical challenges. We can translate into any language, integrate voiceovers & videos and signpost to relevant resources within the organisation.

We use the latest techniques and technology to make sure our eLearning is as effective, interactive, and accessible as possible.


Our bespoke toolkits focus around 3 main areas; raising awareness, incentivising accountability and cascading key information. We have rolled our toolkits out in over 164 counties, helping our learning reach every level of an organisation, from boardrooms and offices to factories and warehouses.

We have created toolkits on a variety of DE&I topics including: Race & Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Respect in the Workplace, Inclusive Recruitment / Hiring, Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership.

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Blended Learning

By combining our digital solutions with our expert facilitators and training providers, we can deliver blended learning approaches to suit organisations of any size and in any sector.

Our approach brings together our proven methodology of “head, heart and hands”, with experiential, participative and engaging features that bring learning to life.

Our most popular virtual learning package condenses our award-winning “Open Minds” workshop into a 90-minute webinar format, which can be delivered to hundreds of learners simultaneously. It is an efficient, scalable and impactful means of raising DE&I awareness, individual engagement and reinforcing accountability.

Features such as polling, breakout rooms, virtual whiteboard, chat and Q&A help to engage participants and provide real-time two-way interaction. We often include pre- and post-work exercises for a complete developmental process. Signposting to DE&I repositories, videos and articles are also possible through our technology.

The CPD Certification Service has accredited our “Open Minds” webinar experience, so delegates can be issued with a CPD certificate of attendance to be used within their formal record of personal development for professional bodies and institutes around the world.

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Our thought leadership in digital

"Global Diversity Practice's three-module inclusion training is one of the best examples of effective corporate communication I have ever seen. It identifies the entire breadth of what it means to build and nurture an inclusive, diverse, welcoming workplace and corporate culture. Clear, simple, thought-provoking, and impactful!"
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D&I Traning

GDP is a pioneer in unconscious bias training and consultancy interventions and innovations.

D&I Consultancy

Our D&I consultancy is tailored specifically for your company and focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce.

Digital Solutions

Impactful content to create a measurable shift in awareness and interventions through digital channels.

Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speakers help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion diversity and inclusion.

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