Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

GDP crafts the perfect solution to transform your business

We combine creative approaches to analysis, strategy development and transformational learning to create a solution that will help you organisation outperform across all sectors.

We use simple approaches at each stage of the transformation – diagnostic, development and reinforcement – to deliver extraordinary results in a tangible, measurable and sustainable way, through guided insights and actions.

The GDP Solution


A successful D&I initiative starts with a carefully crafted strategy that adheres to the overall business goals and visions of the company and is fully supported by senior leadership, who participate in the process and the training.
Our approach has been developed over 25 years and has delivered results for many of the world’s largest blue-chip brands and public sector organisations – as well as many smaller businesses.

Unconcious Bias Audits

Our work is supported by consultancy and analysis, from unconscious bias audits, corporate bias testing, executive bias reduction coaching and digital tools and strategies to extend the training impact across multiple territories.

A customised D&I solution

We begin by examining the fit between your goals and your culture and create a gap analysis that defines both long- and short-term needs. Bringing our own extensive knowledge, experience and industry-specific analysis we then design a customised D&I solution to bridge the gap, in a format that fits your budget and appeals to your workforce.

Ensuring continuity

Once our project is concluded, we outline how continuous learning and training for managers and staff can ensure that behavioural change becomes hardwired into the organisational DNA moving forwards. If necessary, we train your people to sustain the transformation after our project is concluded.
Our solutions for delivering fast, effective, actionable consultancy include:
  • Diversity & inclusion audits
  • Sector best practice benchmarking
  • Supply chain audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Metrics & KPI development
  • Strategy development
  • Talent attraction & management
  • Communications strategy
  • Benchmarking reports
  • D&I business case development
  • Diverse marketing
  • Disability schemes & audits
  • Equality scheme development
  • Equality impact assessments
  • Diverse procurement
  • D&I structure development

to receive a tailored packages of services

"Thank you very much for making such an important contribution to our D&I efforts. It was great to have you join us and help us increase momentum."
Andrew Williams
CEO, Halma plc

Why your business needs a tailored D&I strategy

Today’s complex, global business needs to embrace various cultures, languages, thoughts, religions, customs and working styles in order to utilise the vast array of skills and talents to their advantage and remain competitive. A ‘one size fits all’ solution is all too often a poor fit to your precise needs.

The result is that diversity and inclusion programmes fail to deliver the anticipated results and there is resistance to a future D&I intervention.

The right diversity and inclusion programme for your business will harness people power: creativity, innovation, better decision making, improved problem solving. As a result, you will be better equipped to compete in a global market, to attract a diverse customer base and to enhance product development.

"When you ask people what inclusion and diversity means to them, you will not receive the same answer. And nor should you, as diversity is about differences that make each person unique and inclusion is leveraging those differences."
Leia McGrath
Senior Manager, Talent Management

Executive coaching

We have delivered one-on-one coaching to chief executives, managing directors, executives, chief D&I leads and teams. We also provide team and group coaching sessions that can run alongside other development initiatives.

Our coaching provides direction, a sense of purpose and individual development, improving relationship management and successfully transitioning leaders into successful change agents who champion D&I.

We create a safe space to discuss your diversity and inclusion challenges. We help you deliver on diversity and inclusion in a way that articulates confidence and leadership. We bring deep knowledge of organisational dynamics to ensure a focus on realistic results.

"Farrah’s innovative thinking, research and ability to create global diversity best practices and solutions is a huge asset. We cherish her enthusiasm, commitment and high customer centricity showcased by her and her team in day to day interactions."
Louella Eastman
Group HR Director, Aviva



Our in-sector studies have provided our clients across the world with evidence-based solutions. Our team have published numerous articles and are particularly interested in under-researched topics.
Global Diversity Practice unites the skills of researchers, academics, stakeholders, policymakers and communicators to identify the barriers relating to diversity issues in your workplace as well as to provide thought and practice leadership in areas of labour relations, employment and careers.

What we deliver.


D&I Traning

GDP is a pioneer in unconscious bias training and consultancy interventions and innovations.

D&I Consultancy

Our D&I consultancy is tailored specifically for your company and focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce.

Digital Solutions

Impactful content to create a measurable shift in awareness and interventions through digital channels.

Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speakers help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion diversity and inclusion.

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Unlocking Diverse Talent

Free guide to engage and retain underrepresented groups in your talent pipeline.