Executive Coaching

Our track record in engaging and motivating leaders to champion diversity and inclusion is unparalleled.

GDP offers a range of world-class tools, models and methodologies grounded on 25 years’ experience in developing high performing teams on executive boards and senior functional teams.

Our learning interventions promote a higher level of cross-cultural understanding, sensitivity and enhanced team relationships across cultures, specialisms and disciplines.

Sustainable Change

The most important component of sustainable change is the example of committed, top-level role models. However, championing diversity requires a particular set of skills that may require support and guidance to be fully effective.

High-level training changes mind-sets, enabling senior leaders to adopt different sets of viewpoints, seek broader horizons and adapt to a fast-changing and diverse global environment.
We ensure each leader develops an authentic personal style, building the right leadership qualities, performance abilities and communication skills to lead a diverse and inclusive workforce.
We ensure leaders work collaboratively on shared D&I goals and objectives with their executive team.
Our toolkit includes personal style profiling, personality assessment, 360° performance and diversity intelligence feedback as part of a suite of powerful models that assist top teams in defining, strategising and implementing shared D&I goals
"As organisations begin to understand how inclusion and diversity can make a positive difference, it is important to ensure you don’t focus on the visible difference between people, such as gender and race, as this approach can be viewed as a box ticking exercise. This is where Farrah Qureshi and Global Diversity Practice has helped Brambles ensure we create an inclusive culture to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity."
Leia McGrath
Senior Manager, Talent Management, Brambles

Executive coaching

We have delivered one-on-one coaching to chief executives, managing directors, executives, chief D&I leads and teams. We also provide team and group coaching sessions that can run alongside other development initiatives.

Our coaching provides direction, a sense of purpose and individual development, improving relationship management and successfully transitioning leaders into successful change agents who champion D&I.



We create a safe space to discuss your diversity and inclusion challenges. We help you deliver on diversity and inclusion in a way that articulates confidence and leadership. We bring deep knowledge of organisational dynamics to ensure a focus on realistic results.

Realise your aspirations

D&I coaching creates a powerful one-on-one relationship transferring our expertise to strengthen business leaders for the benefit of their organisation. We build confidence, help you overcome challenges and to realise your aspirations.

My overall impression of Farrah is very positive, and we enjoyed an excellent working relationship with you in your continued delivery of our management development and valuing diversity stand-alone programme.
Scott Gemell
Head of Management & Development, DFID

What we deliver.


D&I Traning

GDP is a pioneer in unconscious bias training and consultancy interventions and innovations.

D&I Consultancy

Our D&I consultancy is tailored specifically for your company and focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce.

Digital Solutions

Impactful content to create a measurable shift in awareness and interventions through digital channels.

Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speakers help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion diversity and inclusion.

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Unlocking Diverse Talent

Free guide to engage and retain underrepresented groups in your talent pipeline.