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The Commission for Social Care Inspection was a non-departmental public body and the single, independent inspectorate for social care in England.

Commission for Social Care Inspection procured GDP for several key learning programmes including a 5 day training programme for Dignity at Work Advisors, a one day Leadership Programme for CSCI Executive Management Team and Diversity Training for the Equality and Diversity Staff Workforce Group amongst a suite of offerings.


Dignity at Work and D&I Awareness Program for Leadership and Staff Workforce

Key Deliverables

Dignity at Work Advisors Programme – The specific objective for the roll out of the programme for Dignity at Work Advisors was to introduce the role of Dignity at Work Advisors. The Dignity at Work Advisors training was integral to CSCI’s vision to build an internal support system for employees and was linked strongly to their key principles on dignity at work.

Equality and Diversity Training for Staff Workforce Group – The Staff Workforce Group diversity training included a review of their progress and knowledge on key diversity issues and provided them with the opportunity to hear about best practice which they could then apply to their action plans.

The programme was also designed to update members on progress against the E&D strategy, feedback from network groups on their progress and challenges as well as supporting the Staff Workforce Group to experience some thought provoking, awareness raising and strategies.


GDP achieved the following outcomes: the Development of a robust Respect at Work framework with confident and competent Dignity Advisors and also revitalized the Equality and Diversity agenda within CSCI.