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Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
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The Crown Prosecution Service, or CPS, is a non-ministerial department of the Government of the United Kingdom responsible for public prosecutions of people charged with criminal offences in England and Wales.

GDP was commissioned to deliver Dignity at work training for First Contact officers.


Dignity at Work Contract

Key Deliverables

GDP used a variety of methodologies combined with high level training and facilitation expertise to enforce Respect at work within the CPS, the competence and capacity of the network was established to aid informal resolution of challenges within the department. The training developed both skills base but understand of the pervasive effects of bullying and harassment on effective team functioning. Given the role of the CPS it was imperative the department was proactive in addressing such behaviours within its own employee base.

  • Designed and trained Dignity at Work Advisors for CPS
  • Provided Victim Support Training


The network went onto provide an essential service for the CPS and subsequent reduction in formal grievances but also more importantly provided an outlet for victims of such behaviours within the work place.