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Electrocomponents plc is a British-based distributor of electronics and maintenance products.

Global Diversity Practice was commissioned by Electrocomponents plc in January 2011 to conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Audit on issues related to female and race / nationality representation at leadership team level.



D&I Audit

Key Deliverables

We developed a bespoke methodology that would elicit the information required to determine the key question of whether or not Unconscious Bias existed within the organization and examine if this perception exists amongst diverse talent in the global population targeted for this research. Perceptions that the company is an engineering company and male-dominated in terms of top leadership positions did not reflect the 60:40 split in the employee base, diversity aspirations, competitor activity or indeed best practice in D&I.

The bespoke methodology comprised a comprehensive Bias Proofing and Policy Audit of 60 documents (from a total of 100 originally scoped), conducting 12 one-to-one interviews and facilitating 14 focus groups (a total of 101 employees attended the focus groups). The documents reviewed and employees taking part in the interviews and focus groups represented Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Asia Pacific. Those taking part in the interviews and focus groups were drawn from a range of grades and roles as well as being representative of diverse nationalities and women.

  • Reviewed their internal recruitment, development, promotion policy and practice at leadership level
  • Developed bespoke methodology to raise awareness of whether unconscious bias existed within the organisation and examine if this perception exists amongst diverse talent population targeted for this research
  • Following the production of a final report which included a revised more relevant D&I business case and relevant data gathered from the global Audit we had completed. We delivered a presentation of the key findings to the top leadership team including the CEO, the provision of a number of recommendations, relevant examples of ‘best practice’ from other organizations that have been engaging with diversity and inclusion and the development of a business plan for the company.
  • Proposed corrective action and initiatives that will drive a change where applicable or appropriate
  • Increased understanding and awareness of steps taken in other organizations to increase gender and race diversity within leadership populations


After dissemination of our final report took place the findings served to provide the impetuous to accelerate the companies’ bias reduction plans. The Board took ownership led by the CEO of implementing our recommendations and executing the plan.