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Group 4 Securicor commissioned Global Diversity Practice to develop a Diversity workshop with a particular focus on Harassment & Bullying for their frontline staff and team leaders.


Bullying & Harassment Workshop

Key Deliverables

We developed and designed a course which was a highly interactive and participative session and provided a safe environment for delegates to openly discuss issues within their work environment.

The course objectives were to:

  • Develop an understanding of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Develop an awareness of how personal beliefs, attitudes, language and behavior can impact on relationships and team effectiveness
  • Understand the effects of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination.
  • Explain the concept of Valuing Diversity and its compatibility with G4S Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Understand the links between diversity and improved employment service effectiveness
  • Consider a range of effective strategies for Valuing Diversity and combating unacceptable behavior
  • Raise awareness of the Rights and responsibilities of G4S employees in promoting a Workplace of Dignity


The course was very well received with very positive responses from delegates and as a direct result we continued this programme for Branch Managers.


“Global Diversity Practice was the catalyst in getting our people, especially the supervisors, to recognise that we had problems in how people dealt with each other. Much of it was through ignorance and a lack of understanding. However, unhelpful and in some cases harmful behaviours were prevalent and GDP’s work did much to bring about a change in attitudes and behaviours. We are still working at dignity in the workplace issues but at least we are now working with the grain rather than against..”

HR Manager
Group 4 Securicor