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JP Morgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company.

The formation of the Future Generation Initiative was the beginning of a strategic approach to Diversity that acknowledged Diversity as a business imperative. JP Morgan needed to create processes reflecting the importance of achieving results that could be measured in numbers, behaviours and attitudes.


“War for Talent Steering Group”

Key Deliverables

  • GDP helped launch “War for Talent Steering Group” (WFT) in recognition of the need to focus on recruitment and retention challenges. Farrah Qureshi was amongst a team of Leading Diversity consultants who had helped launch the programme in the UK and worked with the London based team to identify issues unique to the London office via 14 focus groups.
  • The first UK pilot programme version of “Leading Diversity” successfully launched and to date almost 100% of London employees have attended. This group consisted of all nationalities.
  • The WFT wrote a Diversity strategy to identify commitment, approach, accountability and feedback loops. WFT was business aligned, comprising 16 senior professionals of diverse backgrounds, both part-time and full time. Sub groups focused on implementation of strategic and HR policy-related initiatives. Finally, Employee Networks were formed to provide communications networks for special interest groups such as Women, Gays/Lesbians, Ethnic Minorities and Support Staff.


  • 100% of European employees attended “Leading Diversity” Workshop.
  • Recruitment efforts have increased for diverse candidates.
  • Employee Networks are active, well supported and successful.
  • Employee Climate Survey had 63% return rate and results reflected significant areas of improvement 90% agree their manager treats everyone the same regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristics unrelated to performance 85% have not experienced unfair treatment 78% agrees that senior management supports policies/practices that ensure a diverse workforce.
  • Feedback from “Leading Diversity” workshops has resulted in task forces forming to tackle issues such as age, work/life balance, disability etc.