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The London Development Agency existed as a functional body of the Greater London Authority. Its purpose was to drive sustainable economic growth within London.

Farrah Qureshi was awarded a prestigious contract to partner with The London Development Agency on the launch of the servicing of a groundbreaking assessment tool, programmed to measure the impact of diversity, and promote continuous development and best practice.


The Diversity Dividend

Key Deliverables

The ‘Diversity Dividend’ was designed to ensure that businesses have access to the information/tools they need to build effective diversity programs, strategies and initiatives.

Our role in the projected included:

  • Providing highly trained personnel to act as account managers to assist participating companies in undertaking the self-assessment process and preparing themselves for an independent validation. The account managers assisted the participating organisations to develop diversity action plans to accelerate their progress in achieving their long term diversity goals.
  • Using our collective consultancy experience as specialist advisors in diversity and equality practice to identify and document examples of good diversity and equality practice.
  • Provide specialist technical and consultancy support on a range of diversity and equality issues to organisations.


Our intervention ensured all clients were able to fulfil the criteria required by the Diversity Dividend Assessment to progress successfully to achievement of the next level. As our role was to provide consultancy solutions to close the gap for the various companies assigned to Global Diversity Practice all projects were completed to a high level of satisfaction from our clients.