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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is a ministerial department, supported by 28 agencies and public bodies.

The Ministry of Defence contract was for the delivery of an Equal Opportunities Advisors Course at the Tri-Service Equal Opportunities Training Centre Wiltshire.


D&I, Bullying and Harassment Training

Key Deliverables

This one-day course formed part of an intensive week long programme run by the Ministry of Defence as a key part of their Equal Opportunities strategy. The course gave individuals an awareness of what diversity is and their part in understanding, participating and managing it. They were also trained in Anti-Bullying and Harassment techniques as a primary aspect of their role was to assist victims and advise senior officers.

The success of this contract resulted in a contract to deliver an innovative programme on diversity and leadership to senior officers within the MOD.

A series of innovative techniques were employed to achieve success in programme design methodology and delivery.


This programme was delivered over a two-year period to consistently high levels of satisfaction. The courses were rigorously evaluated and consistently exceeded client requirements and satisfaction.