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Newcastle City Council is the local government authority for Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England.

Our CEO lead the team working with Newcastle City Council over six years across multiple projects and delivered a range of D&I products and services ranging for large-scale delivery to bespoke coaching for executive level. GDP also delivered training in conjunction with the member services officer to members of Newcastle city Council across all political persuasions.


Change Management Consultancy and D&I Training

Key Deliverables

  • Developed Management of Change Consultancy for fifty senior managers following an initiative from the Chief Executive to modernise the internal functions of the Council.
  • Developed Management Development interventions and consultancy for NCC Black Workers which involved consultation with the Black Worker’s Group at Newcastle City Council on specific issues and areas for development.
  • Designed Equality Issues for Strategic Managers Equality in the form of a training programme for 120 senior managers aimed at enabling the directorate to incorporate equality into their operational functions as well as service delivery objectives, including consideration of the implications of best value for practice and procedure.
  • The CEO and Executive team were assessed by utilizing a 360 degree questionnaire and undertaking a Full Learning Needs Analysis. A highly impactful training event was delivered which led to the development of Individualised Coaching Plans. Executive Coaching took place over a six month period.


Through working on multiple projects the following outcomes were achieved.

The management of change consultancy resulted in Action Learning sets that have influenced Key Directorate Objectives. The outcomes of this intervention were taken into account in the subsequent redesign of the Directorate.

The Executive Team project resulted in a Leadership drive to achieve level five of the Equality Standard as well as impact in relation to the integration of diversity into all Directorate business plans with localised and relevant solutions developed with clear championing of behaviours from the leaders demonstrated.

The outcomes for the consultancy project with the Black Workers Group led to a revision in recruitment and selection procedures, introduction of harassment contacts scheme, discussions relating to friendly family policies, setting up of Equalities Working Group, establishing training for members of the Council’s Disability Discrimination Briefings and countless other actions. Farrah was then invited to deliver the keynote speech at a Conference Promoting Racial Equality sponsored by Newcastle City Council in the city. At this event Farrah launched the NCC Corporate Black Workers Group.

A culture shift appeared to have taken place largely in the need to establish a stakeholder approach. Due to its success the programme was cascaded throughout the various Directorates within Newcastle City Council. Training was then delivered to 3,000 staff across different directorates from Strategic Support Services Community, Housing and City Works.

The equality issues for strategic manager’s equality programme led to on-going work with the group itself as well as advising the Council on implementation of the McPherson Recommendations pertaining to the development needs of black staff.

Newcastle City Council emerged as a corporate client and Global Diversity Practice continued to be their preferred supplier of choice for a number of years.


“I would like to place on record my absolute satisfaction with the quality of Executive learning and organisation wide learning interventions and training provided by Farrah, with her ability to scale, provide excellent trainers and project management. Her clearly abundant knowledge and credibility at Executive level as well as her coaching techniques have helped transform our organisation.”

Ian Stratford

CEO, Newcastle City Council