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In January 2014, GDP was commissioned by NHS Sheffield to design and deliver RECC (Race Equality & Cultural Capability) training for leaders on diversity and inclusion related to mental health issues within the BAME community. RECC training is an important part of the Government’s national strategy to develop mental health services for Black and Minority Ethnic people.


Race Equality & Cultural Capability Training

Key Deliverables

The RECC three day course was designed and delivered to support staff in leadership roles to help service users and to ensure that they are aware on how to tackle D&I issues on a daily basis.

The materials which we developed and designed for the RECC training have enabled the Trust to achieve key standards in their delivery of health care, as well as align the organisation with the Race Relations Act, Human Rights legislation and local Equality and Diversity strategies. The course also strongly helped to reinforce the Government’s new ‘Personalisation’ agenda and translates these principles into practical tools and approaches which have been adapted by the Trust’s 12 day Race Equality Cultural Capability programme. The programme itself turned out to be a resounding success with excellent feedback from all the staff who took part.


Chris Wood from SHSC’s Art Therapy Northern Programme said: “The name of the course is ‘Race Equality and Cultural Capability’ and with a title like that, people might fear that the course could involve being told that they are ‘racist’ when in fact it looks at the complexity of issues such as race discrimination to ensure we have a better understanding. It was very interactive and focused on how we all make assumptions about others. There was some history about mental health and lots of examples from contemporary society, many of which were painful and difficult to present, but they made the course real.”

“The group worked well together sharing ideas and examples about how assumptions and prejudice often lead to deep mental distress. We also worked on real life examples from our different mental health teams which allowed us to think about what we can do in the face of some hard issues in the lives of service users and carers.”

Liz Johnson, SHSC’s head of equality and inclusion, said: “Inequalities for NHS staff and service users from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups are well documented but remain in place. We recognised this as an area to address so the Trust agreed a strategic approach to promote and improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for BAME Service Users and Staff. Part of this strategy is recognising the key role of leaders in the organisation as they ensure that the values of the organisation are reflected in how staff are supported and services are provided. RECC training is a key element of this work.”

The RECC course has had a significant impact on the leaders who attended, as they believed they were made more aware of the situations which occur throughout the course of servicing diverse people and were able to think about the issues openly and how to deal with them. As a result, NHS Sheffield have commissioned GDP to deliver further RECC training sessions in 2015.