UK Power Networks is a distribution network operator for electricity covering a range of regions within the UK.

UK Power Networks commissioned Global Diversity Practice Ltd to deliver sessions on Diversity and Inclusion to its Executive Management Team. UK Power Networks recognized that successful leadership requires a corporate culture with an inclusive business atmosphere. As an organization they wanted a leading edge tailored product.


Executive D&I Awareness and Unconscious Bias Training

Key Deliverables

Global Diversity Practice used an innovative unique online test, Implicitly, to design a tailored training session which was specific to the organization ensuring that all leaders and delegates got the best out of the exercise:

  • Delivered D&I sessions
  • Administered Implicitly bias testing
  • Setup tailor made training sessions for the leadership team


Based on the recognition of the Implicit unconscious bias tests, we delivered a tailor made training session which was specific to the leadership team, ensuring that the learning was designed to combat unconscious bias and provide bias reduction strategies alongside tips and techniques on practising Inclusive Leadership. 

UK Power Networks have subsequently cascaded the Inclusive Leadership workshop further into their leadership teams, and GDP are providing ongoing support in the form of unconscious bias testing and analysis, to ensure that all leaders who attend the course have the skills they need to make fairer, more inclusive decisions in the workplace. 

Open Minds Video

Following our successful inclusive leadership program with UK Power Networks, our partners The Edge Picture Company worked with UK Power Networks to produce a short film aimed at middle management, highlighting the toll that micro-inequities take on individual employees around the organisation.  

Focus group data captured during discovery phase of the Global Diversity Practice project proved invaluable in helping to pick out the themes in the film: ageism, gender, sexuality, ethnicity. Some focus group comments are actually featured in the film.

Diversity and inclusion is seen as an important driver of success at UK Power Networks, but there can often be barriers to acting inclusively, which can stop colleagues fulfilling their potential. As the film script says “Something is preventing some of our people be all they can be, stopping UK Power Networks reach our potential.” That “something” is one of the hardest barriers to address – unconscious bias (UB). This film is designed to help employees be mindful of their unconscious biases, and take steps to avoid acting on it.