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Wal-Mart Stores, as Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation.

Walmart were keen to mobilise their Leadership and Executive population to leverage the benefits of D&I and be role models thereby delivering results on both the Commercial Growth and Talent Strategy.

Global Diversity Practice were commissioned to deliver D&I interventions ranging from Gender Equity, Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias.


Inclusive Leadership & Gender Equity Interventions on Unconscious Bias

Key Deliverables

The course was designed to stimulate thinking and reflection on bias and its impact on developing balanced teams at senior levels within Walmart. The methodology was designed to appeal to senior leaders by combining business focussed best practice, case studies proving the direct link between Bias reduction and a sustainable, profitable business.

With the implementation of an initial audit, information was gathered prior to delivery on the qualitative experience of underrepresented groups in relation to career paths, appraisal, and promotions. This process facilitated exploration of the current representation and analysis of the barriers that existed which were found to be a combination of attitudinal, perceptual or structural.

Below is an overview of the Key Deliverables:

  • Launch of the Walmart Global Women’s Symposium-Keynote Speaker, Gender Equity Best Practice Presentation
  • Unconscious Bias Training for Global HRDs Wal-Mart International/Selection as Preferred supplier for Walmart
  • Gender Equity, CEO 300 managers across Mexico/2012
  • Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership Training in Central America to 200 leaders
  • Inclusive Leadership Accountability Events
  • Support and Consultancy to Equity Council
  • Executive Inclusive Leadership Coaching


Our various approaches have had phenomenal success as they have provided leaders with the incentives to consider their behaviours and influence as role models, to decrease bias, increase gender bilingualism and become more inclusive leaders.

We have adapted the course to be relevant to the local in-country perspective which has provided added credibility and relevance.

Our various interventions have been successfully delivered to 500 business leaders including CEO and EVPs over four years in one of the world’s largest companies with delegates from the UK, US, Mexico, San Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina and many more countries.

The impact has had both quantitative and qualitative results, helping to ensure Walmart’s bid to be the “Best Place to Work and Shop” is realised.


“Farrah’s conference was excellent. She was outstanding. As she initially intended, she spoke to our mind, to our hearts, and to our hands. The content of the conference was perfect considering the stage where we are in terms of our Gender Diversity Journey. Our CEO was excited after listening to her, thanked her in public, and then personally came to say that he had learned a lot. Other leaders expressed the same, and then we had a very enriching discussion with the members of the Council. Farrah: again, thank you for the gift you gave us: the gift of your knowledge, your congruency, and your commitment towards Diversity!”

Cory Guajardo Elizondo
Group HR Director