Our highly innovative D&I consultancy is tailored specifically for your company and focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce. 


As markets expand globally, the landscape of the global economy is changing at a record pace which requires companies to adapt to such change. In order to achieve a competitive edge, companies need to not only embrace the various cultures, languages, thoughts, religions, customs and working styles but also utilize the vast array of skills and talents to their advantage.

Diversity in the workplace is not simply about fulfilling legal compliance and adhering to legislation. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace can bring substantial benefits to a company such as creativity, innovation, better decision making, improved problem solving, ability to compete in the global markets, diverse customer driven marketing and enhanced product development.

Our Solution

Successfully implementing D&I initiatives requires not only support from senior leadership but a carefully crafted strategy that adheres to the overall business goals and visions of the company. At Global Diversity Practice we offer a number of different strategies and solutions that can help you achieve your D&I goals.

We follow a different approach. Our highly innovative and bespoke D&I programme is tailor made specifically for your company that focuses on your most valuable asset – your workforce. By harnessing the power of D&I we can help drive your business goals in a tangible, measurable and sustainable way, through guided insights and actions.

The first step is to begin by understanding your goals and then assess your needs in order to recommend a specifically designed and customised D&I consulting solution based on extensive knowledge, experience and innovation. The next step is to provide strategic planning that is necessary for creating a productive and diverse workforce. In addition, we also provide continuous learning opportunities and ongoing diversity sensitivity training for organizational managers and staff.


Our D&I consultancy solutions include…

Diversity & Inclusion Audits

Sector Best Practice

Supply Chain Audits

Competitor Analysis

Metrics & KPI Development

Strategy Development

Talent Attraction / Management

Communications Strategy

Benchmarking Reports

D&I Business Case Development

Marketing to diverse audiences

Disability Schemes & Audits

Equality Scheme Development

Equality Impact Assessments

Diverse Procurement

D&I Structure Development


Our research helps identify and challenge the barriers relating to diversity and inclusion in the workplace through studying subject matters and disciplines with the aim of addressing ethnic identities, gender issues, age discrimination, disability, sexual orientation, cultural and religious backgrounds and much more.


Global Diversity Practice brings together researchers, academics, stakeholders, policymakers, and communicators to identify and challenge the barriers relating to diversity issues in the workplace as well as provide thought and practice leadership in areas of labour relations, employment and careers.


We also carry out in-sector studies and have provided our clients across the world with evidence based solutions. Our team have published numerous articles and are particularly interested in under-researched topics. We employ various research methodologies to deliver results for our clients.


At GDP we have extensive experience of developing world class consultancy solutions for a range of public and corporate clients. Our expert consultants have developed leading, innovative strategies which have helped organisations to meet not only their Diversity & Inclusion aspirations but their Business/Organisational goals and strategies too.

Olympic Delivery Authority

GDP provided embedded consultancy with the overall objective of leading and co-ordinating the equality and inclusion work of the Olympic Delivery Authority.


GDP are working alongside ASDA to deliver D&I consultancy on recruitment materials, websites and sponsorship events, as well as a Community Toolkit presenting the latest demographic, statistical and other relevant information regarding Ethnicity in the UK 2014. 

English Partnerships

We undertook a systematic assessment of policies and working practices in order to provide the client with the data and evidence against which to further develop a strategy that is fully aligned to the business priorities and objectives, culture and aspiration targets.

Scottish Executive

GDP initiated the project by running a series of Focus Groups, Familiarisation Events and Extensive Consultation sessions.

Government of Tanzania

The Unit commissioned Global Diversity Practice to develop an Action Plan and Diversity Management Toolkit aimed at mainstreaming diversity in the Public Service.

Balfour Beatty CSUK

Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK initiated their diversity journey as a result of a series of recommendations provided by Global Diversity Practice consultants being implemented into the business.

London Development Agency

Using our collective consultancy experience as specialist advisors in diversity and equality practice to identify and document examples of good diversity and equality practice

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