Executive Coaching

We combine recognized models of coaching with our extensive knowledge of D&I to help senior leaders deal with personal and corporate challenges in order to help them to drive change within their organisations effectively.


Executive D&I bias reduction coaching can help senior executives and D&I professionals to deal with personal and corporate challenges in order to help them drive change within their organisations more quickly and effectively in a sustainable fashion. Our coaching helps provide direction, a sense of purpose, individual development, improving relationship management and successfully transitioning leaders who champion D&I professionals into successful change agents.

D&I coaching is a powerful one-on-one relationship that relies on transferring our real world expertise to strengthen your leaders for the benefit of the business or organisation. We have unique models which have been designed to ensure we build your confidence and help you overcome challenges and realise your aspirations.

Our Solution

When you need a safe space to discuss your diversity and inclusion challenges, develop your competence and deliver on expectations, experience our unique brand of coaching. Global Diversity Practice combines recognized models of coaching with our extensive knowledge of diversity and inclusion, resulting in a winning formula.

Our unique coaching techniques will provide organisations with an opportunity to further develop their knowledge on any one of the diversity and inclusion strands: global issues, leading international teams, integrating D&I into your business strategy, enhancing global leadership competencies and many more aspects.

We will help you lead and deliver on diversity and inclusion in a way that articulates confidence and leadership. Our deep knowledge of organisational dynamics ensures we are realistic and results focused. We have coached chief executives, managing directors, executives and chief D&I leads and teams. In addition to one-on-one coaching, we can also provide team or group coaching sessions that can run alongside other development initiatives.


Our role is to provide D&I professionals and senior executives with a deep understanding of D&I and bias with respect to the benefits, help them to develop strategies on how to avoid potential pitfalls and ultimately incentivise them to action.


Global Diversity Practice designed and delivered a unique interactive 3 hour “Open Minds” session for all the Directors and the Regional teams; both in HR and Operations.


The UK D&I lead for Nike commissioned GDP to provide coaching in order to ensure the companies D&I objectives were met for one of their key geographies.


Global Diversity Practice was commissioned by Microsoft to provide a series of workshops on implicit bias for HR recruiting teams of Microsoft.

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