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Our keynote speakers help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion diversity and inclusion.

Our Solution

Our experience coupled with our extensive thought and practice leadership delivering across the world on a range of D&I issues over the last 20 years has translated into a demand for keynote speaking from the GDP pool of experts. Our speakers bring together a combination of powerful storytelling techniques, Harvard Business School type best practice case studies, coupled with TED Talk methodology and supplemented by inspiring messages on how to drive forward diversity and inclusion as a key agenda of the 21st Century. This style plays to our proven methodology of the head, heart, and hands; inspiring audiences and leaders to champion D&I and act as the catalysts or accelerators to progress on D&I issues.

We have delivered to audiences from 30 up to several thousand leaders, and can accommodate a number of delivery locations and styles, including virtual keynote speaking via videoconference and virtual reality.

 We have worked with a number of clients in sourcing and delivering keynote speakers. They include:


Global Women’s Symposium Keynote

World Bank

Diversity Week celebration keynote in Washington DC.


Keynote on D&I: Business Performance Impact including panel and Q&A

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