Solene Anglaret




A speaker, author, and leader whose mission is to break down borders and bring the world closer together one inclusive conversation at a time

A multipotentialite with experience…
• Across the world: lived and worked in 6 countries and travelled extensively
• Across businesses: from starting my own business in Australia, to building a joint-venture in China from the ground up, and working for various companies (start-ups, SMEs, multinationals) around Europe
• Across areas of expertise: Presenting, Hosting, and Public Speaking, Writing, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Disability, Strategy, Leadership, Coaching, Programme Management, HR, Communication & Events, and more.

A bit more about me…
• A leader: driven, empathetic, and committed to growing and developing people and teams
• An entrepreneur: resilient, adaptable, who always finds a way to bring ideas to life
• A storyteller: honest, curious, neuroatypical… also known as the ‘ideas machine’

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